SOTG Scores: Master Women

Important Note: After the conclusion of the Women's Masters Final, the Spirit Award was presented to New Zealand, who had the highest average total Spirit score at the time. Subsequent placing games (played after the Final due to rain delays) have been recorded in the final scores and place Germany at the top of the average total Spirit rankings. WFDF congratulates both Germany and New Zealand as joint winners of the award in honour of Spirit of the Game.

Spirit points average per category

Team Rules knowledge Fouls and contact Fair mindedness Positive attitude Communication Total
GER Master Women2.
NZL Master Women2.141.862.142.572.5711.29
GBR Master Women2.252.002.382.252.2511.13
FRA Master Women2.171.832.002.502.5011.00
CZE Master Women1.862.002.292.572.0010.71
FIN Master Women1.862.002.292.432.0010.57
CAN Master Women1.781.782.222.442.1110.33
JPN Master Women1.752.002.382.132.0010.25
USA Master Women1.881.882.132.252.1310.25
AUS Master Women2.001.672.002.112.2210.00
NED Master Women1.672.